This page will deal with the various travel insurance plans that are offered by Travel Insurance For the Avid Tourist agency, their particular characteristics that make them the ideal choice for all travelers and the idea behind each one.

The owners of the Travel Insurance For the Avid Tourist agency know the importance of a well thought of travel insurance plan, and the fact that each tourist thinks and acts differently and that the travel plans can vary tremendously among most people. This has been the foundation upon which the different travel insurance packages have been designed, allowing for a great degree of flexibility and customization, in order to achieve the perfect fit for the necessities of even the most demanding travel plan.

Following the particular requirements of different tourist types and their corresponding travel plans, the team at Travel Insurance For the Avid Tourist has managed to determine several travel insurance plans, some which will be detailed in the following:

  • Simple Insurance Travel Plan: designed for those who are only going abroad for a few days and do so in business or corporate interest, this travel insurance plans covers most requirements of common work-related trips;
  • Extended Insurance Travel Plan: for more demanding trips, which might have an extended nature and more complex undertakings, this plan addresses those who are going abroad for an undetermined duration and wish to have their “back covered” in almost all situations possible;
  • Domestic Insurance Travel Plan: as the name suggests, this plan is designed for those who will be traveling in their own country and wish to have some form of insurance even if going out only 50 kilometers away from home.

All insurance travel plans are highly customizable, for instance, those who have selected the Domestic Insurance Travel Plan can add elements and aspects that are found in the Extended Insurance Plan.