Available Documentation and Forms

Considered to be among the most boring and time consuming aspects of setting up a travel insurance plan, gathering the necessary documentation and selecting the appropriate documents for the application can be a real troublesomdocument-428334_1280e demeanour, which oftentimes sets back those who are impatient and wish to finish the process as soon as possible.

The staff at the Travel Insurance For the Avid Tourist has decided to make the document selection and submission process much easier and to this end, this page will offer all those who wish to apply for a travel insurance plan, a list of all necessary documents and details for each one of them.

In order to be eligible for one of the travel insurance plans, travellers need to have a valid passport and their plane tickets bought ahead of time, for the different insurance formalities to be arranged without delays.

The list of documents that are required for all the travel insurance plans is detailed in the next paragraphs, while all additional information can be obtained from the agency’s staff:

  • Passport: having an up-to-date passport is essential if one wishes to travel abroad, regardless if it is in countries that are governed by the Schengen area or those outside it. Therefore, those who lack one such document need to have one at the ready before starting any kind of setup for travelling;
  • National ID card: beside the passport, presenting the ID card is also required, as a failsafe means for having a backup way of attesting the customer’s credentials;
  • Copies of the travel tickets: whether the travel happens by bus, plane or even boat, having copies ready to be submitted is required for all travel insurance plans;
  • Written statement for agreeing to the terms of compliance: all those who will apply for any of the travel insurance plans will have to undergo a compliance agreement, which needs to be respected in order for the conditions to be met from both sides.